What to Wear to Go Green?

Are you ready to forget about snow and think spring? Time for the annual Parent Talk Go Green event on February 28th. Grab your green and pass go. Buy some raffle tickets and collect some goodies along the way. You got your tickets, now what to wear? Parent Talk member Katie Sullivan helps out and shares some cute ideas on her new blog, Beantown Chic. ¬†Festive means a cute green top and your favorite pants. However, since a lot of us are bored with winter, feel free to go for it with a fun spring dress! Read all of Katie’s fashion ideas here at her Go Green Inspiration post. p.s. Be sure to watch the Parent Talk facebook page this week. We will be sharing a post where you can enter to WIN a free ticket to Go Green in honor of 1000 fans on our page! Get your tickets now with your friends. If you win we will refund your ticket price. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKETS BEFORE THEY ARE SOLD OUT!¬†  

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