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We all see the posts on For Sale and parent groups on Facebook, and it often occurs to me that I could get rid of the piles of outgrown kid stuff in my house that way, but I rarely do. The few times I’ve tried did not result in the easy success I anticipated. After volunteering at the Sale and seeing how it works, I realized that consigning was actually a much better way to clear out my used stuff than by attempting to sell items one at a time online.

1. I can get everything out of my house at once.
2. Everyone who sees my items will be specifically looking to buy these types of items, and there’s a ton of people at the Sale. That’s much better exposure than to people who may or may not be seriously looking to buy anything, may just see the post by accident, scrolling through a thousand other posts on their phones on the couch at night. Check out all the ready to go shoppers in the background:


3. If somebody buys my items, they take them right there. We don’t have to schedule a pick up that may or may not go down. I’ve waited for someone to pick up free stuff and been stood up before, I imagine that happens more frequently when it isn’t free.
4. If somebody buys it, I get some $$, while also supporting this fantastic organization – both financially and by contributing my really cool items to make the Sale the awesome event that it is.
5. No negotiation. Nobody is going to show up, dig in their pockets and say “Oh, I’ve only got a 5 – is that ok?”
6. If nobody wants my stuff, it’s still out of my house. And it goes to charity.


This is the first time I’m consigning things at the Sale, and probably like many people who’ve never done it before I kind of assumed it would be a big project. One I might never actually get around to. I decided the best way to test this theory would be to actually do it, and for motivation, try to write a blog post about it. Which is working.
SO . . . I’ll break it down and make it EVEN easier for you than it has been so far for me :

1. Click on this link CONSIGN AT THE SALE. It will take you to a page with all the info you need about consigning.
2. Download your SELLER’S KIT. This document is yet another testament to the mind blowing efficiency and organization that is the legacy of 25 years of ParentTalk planning. Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer size of it – it’s not because this is complicated. It’s because this pdf is an easy-to-navigate compilation of the answers to every question posed by sellers over the last 20 years. It practically consigns your stuff FOR you.
3. Get yourself a Seller’s ID by emailing the following information to :

Full Name
Address including zip code
Phone Number
Preferred Email Address

4. Decide what’s going. The Seller’s Kit has guidelines as to what will and will not be accepted. For the Fall Sale, I’m consigning fall and winter clothing, a shelving unit for organizing toys, and a baby carrier, among other thing. Here’s my pile so far:

You don’t see any toys, because I’m hiding them.

5. Print out your tags from the template, also found in the Seller’s Kit.
6. Label them clearly with price and Seller ID – pricing suggestions are included in the Seller’s Kit. To make it easier and make sure your labels are readable, we’d suggest typing in your Seller ID before printing the tags. Some people type in all or a few prices before printing (for example, “$4 shirt” if you’re consigning a bunch of shirts) to save time and avoid having to write the same price over and over for similarly priced items.
7. Attach the tags to your items. You might want to purchase a tagging gun like I did. If you are volunteering as well as consigning, this gun will come in quite handy later on – veterans know what I’m talking about. If you don’t have a tagging gun, make sure the tags are fastened securely with strong tape so they don’t fall off, as items do get moved around quite a bit as people are shopping.

8. Bring your tagged, priced items to the Christ Episcopal Church at 1132 Highland Ave on Friday October 13th between 9am and 8pm. Place them in the areas where they belong, ie. clothing downstairs on racks with the appropriate size, toys upstairs – the Seller’s Kit also includes a sizing guide for clothes, and explains where everything goes.
9. Wait for your check. You will receive 50% of all proceeds collected before 11:45a.m. on Sale day, which is Saturday October 14th this year. All items not sold prior to 11:45 a.m. will become a tax deductible donation to Parent Talk.

If you’re looking for an even faster way to clear out your gently used items, you can donate them to the Sale and we’ll do all the work for you! Donations are currently being accepted at our two drop off locations (6 Birds Hill Ave and 10 Noyes St), or you can bring items directly to the church on Friday October 13th.

If this sounds good to you, check out this other blog post about consigning your used kids’ items :
How To Consign and Donate to PT’s Sale

Once you’ve gotten your consigned goods cleared out, it’s time to buy more! Consider volunteering 2 hours at the Sale for preferred shopping hours. Check out this post about how much fun it is :
Do Good, Have Fun, and SHOP

See you at the Sale!

About the Author:
Laura Perras is a mom and Realtor who grew up in Needham, where she now works as part of the Perras Group at the William Raveis Needham office. In addition to mom-ing and selling houses, Laura enjoys djing, yoga, and arts and crafts. She’s involved in Parent Talk as Board CoChair of Marketing and Communications, Blog Coordinator, and Sale Committee Member.  Please reach out if you would like to submit a post to the blog or have feedback or ideas regarding what you’d like to see here :



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