Peace Workshop to Help Kids Cope in a Stressful World

As parents, we try to shield our children from violence and turmoil in the news, but inevitably, whether they see it on television or feel it when our lives get hectic, kids seem to be affected by stress on some level from an early age.  It feels impossible to avoid the feeling of being rushed and certainly not all days can be spent quietly in the house.  However, just as we find ways as adults to insulate ourselves, we can teach our children ways to cope in what can sometimes be an overwhelming world.

“Peaceful Brooke” by Amy McCartney

Parent Talk is planning a Peace Workshop designed for this purpose.  Together with early childhood specialist, Ingrid Dahlin-Doherty from Wellesley Tree House, we will use yoga, music and art to inspire little ones to feel and understand a sense of peace.  Children will listen to music, sing songs and learn a few yoga poses.  They will make an art project to take home and will participate in a collaborative mural that will be used to decorate the Parent Talk Playspace.

“Sam’s first downward-facing dog” by Quinn Dombroski

The Parent Talk Peace Workshop takes place Saturday, March 12, 2016 from 3:30-5:00.  It will be held in Room 215 at the Caryl Community Center in Dover.  Come join us and reserve your space by signing up at Eventbrite

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Liza D’Hemecourt is the Community Relations Chair for Parent Talk, following her previous role as Blog Coordinator.  She taught kindergarten and first grade before becoming a stay-at-home mom in Needham to her two children. 


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