Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten With Donna DeMaria of Hillside School

You’ve all seen the poster: Everything I need to know, I learned in kindergarten! I learned a lot in kindergarten myself: how to make friends and how to invite them over, how pack my own lunch (and add extra treats), how to use crinkle scissors, and other critical life skills that have served me very well over the past few decades.


Of course we also know that there is a debate raging among parents and educators about just what we should EXPECT kids to learn in kindergarten: should they learn to read? Should they have homework? Begin a second language? What does my kid need to be able to do before she enters the classroom? 

So bring your questions with you and join us onWednesday, May 13th, at 7pm at the Hillside School’s gymnasium in Needham, for a frank and practical discussion with one of Needham’s own veteran kindergarten teachers. Mrs. DeMaria will provide both a high-level explanation as well as a more detailed review of what students will expereince in their kindergarten year, how that fits in with their school experience to follow, and what they should be able to do when they begin school.
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Post written by Shalini Broderick, Parent Talk Lecture Committee Board Member


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