Let’s Purge Toys for the PT Sale!!!

Are you in the mood to purge and create space? Does it feel like the toys you’ve been staring at (and picking up) for the past few months have lost their appeal? After enduring a long and snowy winter, (I guess we are still enduring the snow) most of us are itching for change. It will still be weeks, hopefully not months, before the playgrounds are ready for our children to run and climb but we can make some changes indoors that will give us all the mental cleanse we need. You may have guessed what I am getting at—The Parent Talk Clothing, Toy and Equipment Sale is around the corner!

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I have already started preparing in two ways:

1. When I am playing on the floor with my kids and they aren’t looking, I grab an opaque bag, like a plastic grocery bag, and rummage through toy baskets, tossing in items that are no longer relevant to them (or me!) We have had holidays and birthdays that have dumped many a plastic play-set and random figurine into the mix, and you know how the saying goes, less is more. Remember that if you would prefer to see some return for the items you give to the sale, you can request a consigner’s kit.

Toys aplenty to renew your collection (after you clean it out, that is)

2. I am making a mental list (which needs to materialize soon) of what I think my kids ‘need’ to further their play at this stage of the game. My husband looked at me last week and said, “You know how some people are crazy cat ladies? Well you’re a crazy toy lady.” He’s right, I love toys and spend a lot of time organizing them and trying to find new ways for my kids to play with them. But, even I have to admit that before I can bring more toys in, I need to clear some out. 

Buy wardrobe staples for the spring and summer and save $$$

This is what I love about the Parent Talk Sale: it comes at the perfect times of year when wardrobes and toys need an overhaul and it is one stop shopping to accomplish ‘out with the old and in with the ‘new.’ 

Here are some items for Spring that most of us will need and will likely find amid the myriad of items donated and consigned to the sale:
  • rain coats and rain boots
  • spring and summer clothing
  • outdoor ride on toys
  • games and puzzles your child has not seen
  • toys to save for a rainy day
  • books to freshen up your bedtime routine

The Spring 2015 Parent Talk Sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 2

Plenty of room for your donations!

1. The POD has landed, so donations are being accepted! Email donations@parenttalk.info for the drop off location and any further information.

2. If you are interested in shopping before the general public (and finding all the best deals!) schedule a 2 hour volunteer shift (anytime between Thursday, April 30 – Saturday, May 2). To register for a volunteer shift, click here

3. For those interested in consigning, please email sellerskit@parenttalk.info to activate or renew your seller’s number and ask for a current seller’s kit (includes blank tags.)
If you have any other questions or need further encouragement to get involved, please email Seema and Diane at clothingsale@parenttalk.info or visit www.parenttalk.info

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