Kicking-off Playground Season!

Though the ground is a bit soggy and most of us still have a dirty snow patch somewhere on our lawn, we can finally be certain that the days will only continue to get nicer. This winter has certainly taught us not to take the spring and summer for granted! I am ready to get started with outdoor living now. One way we are getting a jumpstart on taking advantage of local open air offerings is by helping out this Saturday in the town-wide clean-up.


I can’t wait to revisit our favorite playgrounds, where we can gather effortlessly with friends and playgroups and meet new faces. But, just like our own backyards and flower beds, before we can enjoy them, we need to do some sprucing! The same thing goes for the local parks and playgrounds that we share. This weekend, the town of Needham is hosting a community-wide clean-up and we thought that if Parent Talk took part, it would be a great kick-off to playground season and a nice chance to get outside and see people!

This Saturday, pack a picnic lunch, put on your play clothes and bring the whole family to Greene’s Field playground where we will have supplies ready for you to pitch in and get the park spruced up and ready for lots of action in the coming months! We will plan to meet around 9:30 and finish up in time to enjoy lunch together at the picnic tables. Please register and join us!


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