Why We Should All Attend Go Green this Saturday

This Saturday is Parent Talk’s annual night out. But you already know that, right?  You’ve bought your tickets, booked your sitter and picked out your outfit. What’s that?  You haven’t?  You need ANOTHER reason to go?  
If the promises of food & fun, great raffle & auction items and dancing & good company have not convinced you yet, then let me give you the best and most important reason of all – this event is an integral part of fulfilling Parent Talk’s mission of helping families with young children connect, learn, play and grow together.

Just a few of the ways we fulfill this mission include the operation of the Play Space and the provision of member benefits like the museum pass program, partnering with other local organizations including the Community Center of Needham and the Needham Business Association to bring you great community events like the 2014 Needham Lights, and giving back through the donation of items not sold during the bi-annual sale or the assembly of project night-night bags.

luminary stroll in Needham
Yet, the annual membership dues we collect cover just over one third of the annual operating costs of the organization. That leaves us with close to two-thirds of the operating costs to raise via fundraising events and activities. In a nutshell, we need events like Go Green to be a success if we want to keep offering the same member benefits and community support as we do today. 
Go Green attendees from 2014!

Second only to the bi-annual sales in terms of funds raised, Go Green is also one of our only events that is focused almost entirely on making sure that moms and dads get a night off from the kids to connect with friends, new and old, without the distraction of sports schedules, daycare drop-offs or wiping noses.
So what are you waiting for?  Shake off the snow, give yourself the night off and click here to purchase your tickets and join me in supporting the amazing community we have here in Parent Talk.

This post was written by Wendy Todd, president of Parent Talk.


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