A Few Fun Snowmen: Recipe, Craft and Book

The ground is still bare but hopefully soon we can go outside to build a snowman! Until then, enjoy these snowman themed activities inside with your little one.

Snowman Pb&Js

Make an everyday food festive easily with a cookie cutter, a few chocolate chips and a mini candy cane! This could easily be made healthier with whole wheat bread, any spread of your choosing, raisins instead of chocolate chips and a carrot or celery stick cane. I made these for a party and thought the white bread made them a little more realistic!

Felt Snowman

I love this craft because it doesn’t make a mess and can be used again and again! It’s great for your little one’s fine motor and spatial reasoning skills. This does require some handiwork with scissors. I suggest making a cardboard template for the three circles and for the snowman’s hat, then tracing with a sharpie. Any craft store should have the felt and if you are a perfectionist, buy shears to be used only on fabric (paper will dull them.)

To personalize this project or to extend it further, cut out different hats or outfits for the snowman! Also, if you plan to do this with a very young toddler, consider making the pieces very large and possibly hanging the background on a wall for them to assemble while standing.


Snow Slime Recipe 

  • 2 cups of white school glue (you could also use silver glitter glue)
  • 1 & 1/2 cups of very warm water
  • Iridescent glitter
  • Optional: a few drops of peppermint extract to give the snow slime a fresh and clean scent
Combine in a small bowl

In a second bowl combine:
  • 3/4 teaspoons of borax
  • 1 & 1/3 cups very warm water
Mix the ingredients of both bowls well and then combine both bowls.  Mix the ingredients with your hands for a few minutes.  As the ingredients are mixed the snow slime will form

A beautiful snowman story

This book by Raymond Briggs is wordless but the illustrations are so enchanting. There is also a movie made from the book that you may be able to find at the library. I remember it from my childhood and loved it!

About the Author:

Liza d’Hemecourt is the blog coordinator for Parent Talk. She formerly taught kindergarten and first grade and now stays home with her two toddlers. Liza is from Maine originally and now lives in Needham with her family.


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