Volunteers in the Spotlight

Parent Talk is a volunteer run organization that facilitates many strong connections in our community. These connections are fostered through playgroups, meeting in the PlaySpace, at our numerous events and semi-annual sales. Without our many dedicated volunteers, Parent Talk would not be able to offer all of these opportunities. We would like to highlight some of our amazing volunteers and friends in this blog post!

To start, Liza d’Hemecourt was selected as our volunteer of the month for September. She is a mother of two toddlers and a passionate Parent Talk volunteer. Liza started out as a playgroup member and is now running the Parent Talk Matters blog, assisting with the PlaySpace and served on the Sale Committee in October. 

In September, Liza worked with the Play Space coordinator to clean toys and remove damaged items. She hopes to continue to improve the toy organization throughout the year.

PT Vice President, Emily Roach said “Liza has a wonderful expertise in writing but was nervous about tackling the technical side of running Parent Talk’s blog. She has done an amazing job on both the writing, editorial planning and even the tech side of running this blog as she brings new ideas and stories to our membership.” 

Diane Solomon, one of the sale co-chairs, said, “Liza was very helpful at this year’s sale. to only did she log in a lot of hours, she made copies of tags and a ll the other paperwork that we needed for the sale. It sounds easy but we needed hundreds of copies, so she had to go to BI hospital, who provide us with free copies. She also wrote some nice blog posts about our sale prior to it. Her easy-going demeanor and can-do attitude was noticed and appreciated by everyone!”

For October’s volunteer of the month, we are recognizing two members who volunteered at this past sale. Without hundreds of logged volunteer hours, the sale would not be so successful. Sarah Fitzmaurice and Susan Hanson generously volunteered for two hour shifts. 

We are so grateful to all of our dedicated volunteers so if you see Sarah, Susan or Liza, please thank them for all of their hard work! If you are interested in volunteering with Parent Talk, please email our volunteer chairs, Maggie Shapiro and Michael Cohen at 


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