Fun at Drumlin Farm and Future Events

With the million things that need to be done swarming around in my head, it can be hard to research and execute a fun outing with my children. Thankfully, there are two people on the Parent Talk board who do that for us! Over forty people attended the recent mid-week trip to Drumlin Farm with Parent Talk event coordinators, Ellie Beasley and Kate Swenson. Registering for the event was just the motivation I needed to check one more thing off my ‘Fun Fall To Do’ list! 

It would have been easy to do our usual playground routine since it was one of the final few warm sunny days of fall, but I was so glad to have joined the crew of moms pushing our strollers along the dirt path while our toddlers bawked at chickens and pointed at pigs. Getting my one and half and two and half year olds out of the house to be on time for something is always an adventure but I found solidarity on the hayride as I looked around at moms wearing infants in Bjorns and holding their toddlers’ hands. I was sure that I had not been the only one who struggled to get out the door or who was grateful to be out of the house! We even got to relax a little on the hayride after the driver announced, “I spy a rooster way up high;” of course, we had to point out the weather vane as we slowly passed the big red barn.

If you were not able to get out the door or were not aware of this event, maybe you can come to something soon! Click here for more information on these upcoming events: 

Have any ideas for an event that you would love to see Parent Talk coordinate? Write it in the comments option after this blog. We would love to hear from you!

About the Author:
Liza d’Hemecourt lives in Needham with her family. She studied theater and elementary education at Boston College, then taught kindergarten and first grade prior to starting a family.

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