Play Space and Party Room Spruced Up and Available to Rent

A Parent Talk membership affords us with great community building opportunities and unites us as families with a common goal: to raise happy, healthy children while having fun and making friends in the process. You may already be taking advantage of the Yahoo message board to find a great painter/plumber/daycare etc. Maybe you have even been to one of the organized events like the trip this past week to Drumlin Farm, but did you know that we have a beautiful, large, clean space that you can rent for your next Halloween/birthday/playgroup or holiday gathering? It is down the hall from the Dover play space and just underwent a major face lift. As a ParentTalk member you can rent out the play space as well as the room next to it for a nominal fee. 

The newly tiled floors will make clean-up a snap!

The play space is an 1800 square foot indoor space at the Caryl Community Center in Dover, three miles from Needham Center. It is made for children age 5 and under to play, and features age appropriate toys and play structures to engage children’s imaginations. The party room was renovated this summer, and the playspace is undergoing a big toy clean-out and replenishing in the next month. If you haven’t been, now is the time to check it out in person to see all the changes.

The room next to the play space is room #215, and you are able to have food and drinks in this location. The space has been freshly painted, has a newly tiled floor, a wall to wall blackboard and windows! Bring your decorations and entertainment, or let the children play in the play space and move into the party room for cake. Tables and chairs are provided, and the room can hold parties both large and small. 
The blackboard provides a blank slate for your decorating ideas

At $75 for the rental the price cannot be beat. The play space is available for private rentals on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and only you and your guests will be able to access it during your event. There is even an Elmo costume available to rent for $30! 

To see when Parent Talk play space and party room are occupied click here

If you are interested in booking your party, please go to this page for further instructions.

Dates are booking fast for this fall, so don’t wait and book yours today!

About the author:

About the Author:
Betsy Deitte is the Play Space Party Rental Coordinator. She and her family moved to the Broadmeadow are of Needham in 2012. Betsy is a former nurse who hung up her scrubs to take care of her three most important charges: Elise, age 4, Annabel age 2, and Elliot age 1.


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