Navigating Needham Kindergarten

With the school buses back on the road and Facebook flooded with photos of adorable kids headed off to their first day, you might be wondering, what do I need to know when it’s time for MY adorable kids to go to school? 

Photo of Hillside School Mural by Ralph Mercer

Maybe you are already fretting because you know that Needham public schools have half-day kindergarten and you need coverage for a full day. Whether your child goes to kindergarten in the morning or the afternoon will impact your options. There are private schools that offer full-day kindergarten or you can choose from one of Needham’s many before and after-school programs. Luckily, Parenting Expedited and Parent Talk are here to lay it all out and help you navigate this somewhat confusing first year of elementary school.

Join us for the second Navigating Needham Kindergarten Forum on October 7th from 7-9 at the Pollard School Lecture Hall and start your planning now. This event was a huge success last year – take it from newly minted “veteran mom”, Katie Alwart –
“I remember attending the kindergarten fair last year, not knowing what time school started, what ‘half day kindergarten’ actually meant, how my kids were going to get to school and me to work on time, and what the heck NEDP and KASE were.  That evening was helpful as it allowed all of us who were equally confused to commiserate and get advice from some insightful ‘veteran moms.’  Now, after week 2 of kindergarten, I can say that we’ve figured out the additional care and curriculum that work for our family.  If you’re feeling as clueless as I was with a soon-to-be-kindergartener, I recommend the kindergarten fair as a great information jump-start.”

Shanna, mom of three, wrote- “Even though I was sending my 3rd child off to kindergarten, our needs had changed since the last 2 went to K. The Kindergarten Forum laid out all our options at one time so we were fully informed to make our decision”

The event will give a brief overview of the logistics of the kindergarten day followed by a moderated panel presentation to discuss the choices that parents must consider in connection with the start of kindergarten.  There will also be tables with programs representing options for private kindergarten, afterschool and half day options. Come to gather information or arrive knowing your circumstances and armed with specific questions—either way, we hope you will find this evening informative!

For more information and to register for the event: 


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    Please note the photo used in this blog post was taken by Ralph Mercer of The mural panel you see was created at Hillside Elementary School in Needham as part of the 5-panel mural project. Muralist, Josh Winer (, worked with the entire Hillside school community in 2014 to create the 5 panels which now hang from the walls by the media center.

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