How Can We Make Parent Talk Even Better?

Hello friends. It’s a new year for Parent Talk as the school year comes to a close. There is a new Board in place and we want to hear from you on what would make Parent Talk even better.

We recently started sending out a survey to our members so we can hear from you about your favorite benefits of being a Parent Talk member. Is it the playgroups? Lectures? Volunteer opportunities with your kids? Can we do any of these things better? If you have a great idea, or gripe to share, this is the place. Parent Talk runs as a volunteer organization and we appreciate getting input from all of our members.

Our goal is to have everyone share their ideas. Last year we had 127 responses. Can we get this number up to 150 this year? 

Extra benefit~ everyone who completes the survey is entered to win a free party at the playspace. Remember, it doesn’t just have to be a birthday party. You can reserve the space to host a back to school party, Halloween party or other fun filled event.

Ready…click here to fill out the survey. Thank you in advance!

photo credit: Marcus Ramberg via photopin cc


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