Saving Time at Dinner with Healthy Habits

Written by Emily Roach

As the school year comes to a close, it should be a time of slowing down. The reality is there are tons of special events, banquets, graduations and more that keep us pretty busy in the month of May and June. Preparing a healthy dinner is still important, but wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else make most of it? Healthy Habits in Wellesley offers a great solution for busy families. {and check out the end of the post for a discount for Parent Talk members!}

Easy to cook salmon burgers–kids loved them!

The selection of meals at Healthy Habits is pretty diverse, both for the picky eaters in your family and if you have special dietary needs. Wendy Todd and I got to test out a few dinners and share our experience with you. Overall we both found it was a huge time saver and the meals tasted good. We also got our meals delivered right to our door in an insulated cooler, which was super convenient. The other option is to swing by their storefront and pick up your dinners. A few other Parent Talk members often drive by Healthy Habits on Washington St in Wellesley and pick up their meals on the way home from work.

“Overall, I liked both meal kits, the convenience of having a whole meal (not just the main but the sides too!) already planned was great.  The food tasted really good and was kid friendly. I loved that the large was big enough to feed our family of 5 and have leftovers for a day or two of lunch at the office.
I specifically chose meals that took 20 minutes or less to cook since I usually get home from picking the kids up from daycare at 6pm and like to have dinner on the table by 6:30.  In both cases the cook-time was a bit longer than the directions said, but not so much so that we were eating later than planned.” ~Wendy

The directions for each dinner are easy to follow and are clearly labelled on all items included for the meal. Our tip for making freezer meals a success is giving them two days to defrost. Some small items, like the salmon burgers defrost quickly but a lasagna tray took two full days.

“I would definitely purchase these again just to have something stashed in the freezer for a particularly busy week or when one parent is traveling.  They would also make really great gifts for new parents!” ~Wendy

Thank you to Healthy Habits Kitchen for providing us with meals to help facilitate writing this story. All opinions shared here are our own.

Healthy Habits Kitchen provides nutritious meal kits made from scratch, delivered straight to your door and ready to be cooked, so you can make a convenient, quick dinner at home for your family. Learn more at or Facebook. Parent Talk Matters members can take advantage of an exclusive offer to receive 15% off their first order, using discount code PARENTTALK through May 31st. Place your order today.

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Emily Roach is the writer/owner of Random Recycling, a blog focused on healthy living for modern families. She lives in Needham with her husband, three children, and is the incoming Vice President of Parent Talk. 

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