Post Sale…what happens?

By Katie Alwart, Community Relations Chair

Many of us are familiar with the Parent Talk biannual Used Clothing, Toy and Equipment sale (save the date for the next one – October 18!). Friday is typically a flurry of excitement, donations and scouting for amazing bargains by volunteers. Saturday starts early with dozens of people in line at 8:00 am drinking coffee and waiting for their chance to find amazing deals for their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends. At noon on Saturday, the bag sale kicks off and people see just how many onesies a brown paper grocery bag can hold.

What many people don’t know, however, is that the sale continues after the last bag sale shopper leaves. The final part of the weekend is when Parent Talk invites charities to come and collect items for the underserved populations that they work with. If you’ve been at the sale near the end, you know that there are often hundreds of items of clothing left, perfectly good books and a variety of great toys that just didn’t sell.

It has been an honor to work with the charities through the last year and this past sale was no exception. We were able to provide Arm2Arm, Baby Bundles, Bagong Kulturang Pinoy, Inc., Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, Circle of Hope, Department of Children and Families, Room to Grow and the YMCA with a ton of donations (often more than their vans could carry).

The messages that we receive back speak volumes about the good this is able to do in the community. DCF let us know that often kids arrive in foster care with only the clothes that they are wearing and the clothing they receive goes immediately to helping these kids. Circle of Hope shared that their stockpile of jackets and shoes was depleted and the sale ensured that their shelves are full again to provide to homeless children.

So, to all of you who donated to the sale or worked it, please know that your generosity of spirit and support of Parent Talk has extended far beyond the organization’s borders. Thank you!

We are always looking for charities who we can support with donations following the Parent Talk sale. If you have suggestions on charities who could benefit from partnering with us, please email


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