A Baby Shower? At the Parent Talk Sale?

Yes, there really was a baby shower at this spring’s Parent Talk Sale. What a brilliant idea. Erin (ET) Taylor wanted to take an eco-friendly approach to her upcoming baby shower. She is expecting identical twin girls and when she realized how much stuff she was going to need, she decided to break the mold and have her friends and family find her “registry” items at the Parent Talk’s Spring Sale.

Friends and family received color coded cards with a present to find. They set it up scavenger hunt style. Once they found the item on the card, they could get another card to find more items, like nursing pillows, sleep sacks and baby bath tubs.

One of her friends mentioned how much more she could buy Erin versus purchasing one new item from a baby registry because of the deals available at the Sale. The pink cards highlighted items they would need in abundance for twin girls!

Erin’s husband came along for the scavenger hunt and was the heavy lifter to get everything into their cars, including a ZipCar. They even found an awesome changing table and dresser for $35!

At the end of the scavenger hunt, they continued the celebration with a brunch prepared by Erin’s aunts. Good luck to Erin and the twins, due on October 2nd. Just in time for the next Parent Talk Sale on October 18th!

Did you make it to the Sale? What was your favorite item you found?


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