5 tips to stay on track with your New Year’s fitness resolutions

Please welcome Jen Dehestani, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer at JFit 360°, who shares some great tips on keeping up with your New Year’s fitness resolutions. Look for a special auction item from JFit 360° at the Go Green Party, plus a discount for Parent Talk members.

1) Buddy up 
Odds are you have some friends who have the same New Year’s resolutions as you, becoming more fit and healthy. Buddy up with one, preferably one you really like ;) and workout together.  By working out with a friend, you will chat and laugh, and time will fly by with both of you forgetting how hard you’re working.  The buddy system is a great tool for motivation and accountability; if your friend is meeting you at 6:30am for that run, no way you will leave her hanging (again, you can see why selecting a friend who you really like is key)!

2) Create an inspiration board 
Create an inspiration board that is all YOU to help remind you of your goals.  Every time you look at it you will be reminded of your goals and that a lot of small changes add up to big ones.
 Here are some easy tips for designing yours:
  •  Look through magazines and online for images, quotes and power words that speak to you.
  •  Don’t make your board too wordy and busy, aim to keep it crisp and clean so that each time you look at it the messages are crystal clear and easily identified.
  •  Place your board in a spot where you will see it often without having to go digging it out (i.e., on your refrigerator door, in a frame on your coffee table, over your kitchen sink or in your workout area at home).
Here’s the inspiration I created that’s on my refrigerator door. 
 Get creative, have fun with it and stay motivated…pretty soon you’ll be adding a photo of yourself looking smoking hot in your bikini onto that inspiration board! 
3) Let technology help
My favorite technology when it comes to fitness and diet is called MyFitnessPal.You can log in from your computer or add it as an app on your smartphone – and it’s FREE.  Want to lose 10lbs? Plug your stats and weight loss goals into the program and away you go. The app logs your daily food intake along with your exercise to keep you on track, providing you with a net calorie amount. Technology never looked so good, and neither have you!
4) Don’t let the cold weather get you down
The weather this winter has been brutally cold.  Sometimes the thought of bundling up with 5 layers, boots, hats and gloves, is not as appealing as staying inside your nice n’ toasty house with your slippers on.  This is where you have to dig deep and what’s that Nike tag line??…Oh yeah “Just Do It”!  You will thank yourself come summer when your thighs are less thunder and more lightning.
5) Variety is the spice of life
It’s a fact of life; if you get bored of something, the harder it becomes to motivate to continuing doing it.  If you do the same workout day in and day out, the boredom factor will inevitably set in. Keep things interesting and keep the boredom at bay by mixing up your workouts.  Go for a run one day, take some yoga, do a spin class, workout with a trainer (wink wink). The key to being fit is consistency, and variety keeps you moving and burning those calories. 

About the Author
Jen Dehestani, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer at JFit 360° .

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