The Toy Cleanse

We welcome local organizer Danielle Weil today to share some tips on organizing toys after the holidays.
Now that the holiday magic has worn off, are you left feeling weighed down by too many gifts and toys? It might be time to reclaim your space by beginning a toy cleanse.

At this time of year it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the toys around you. If so, it’s time to clear out some of the old to make room for the new. Start out by sorting and separating older toys that don’t get used, are damaged, or are missing pieces, and then later find them a new home or recycle. {Save the date for the next Parent Talk Used Clothing/Toys/Gear Sale on Saturday May 3rd! Put your donations aside to drop off in April}  I personally find that sorting through toys without my 2 boys (5 and 6) is much more productive. If I am uncertain of something I set it aside, out of sight for a few days to see if it’s missed, or I’ll discuss it with them. Be mindful with your clear-out choices to avoid any unnecessary upset feelings, but don’t forget your first intension – to cleanse your space.

Expedit wicker toy storage

Following your clean-out, the next step will be organizing the new toys in a way that provides easy access and good visibility so the kids can really enjoy their fun new gifts! Start by grouping the smaller/medium size toys. For example, at home I use the IKEA EXPEDIT shelving unit with wicker baskets, each of which contains a toy group. I have baskets for action figures, vehicles, tools, animals, musical instruments, etc. Every little person, animal and thing has a home. 
Using clear boxes obviously can make it so much easier but can sometimes be visually unappealing. Whatever your choice, it is very important to label each box clearly and simply, using words for older kids and pictures for younger ones. 
Remember: if a toy is not seen it probably won’t get used! Game or puzzle boxes are best grouped by size on shelves, creating little stacks no more than 4 boxes high. It can be fun to display books and games on the same shelving unit, incorporating little stacks between the kids books. Helping the children see their toys and giving them easy access to them will make play-time more productive and fun. These simple steps and tips will help you kick start your toy clean-out to achieve a fresh new look for your play area in 2014! 
About the Author
I’m a married, stay-at-home mother of two boys, living in West Roxbury. My architecture and design background, coupled with having lived in small homes has taught me the importance of maximizing a space’s potential. Helping other busy mothers and friends made me realize that I enjoy helping people get organized, and collaborate to create that happy space they desire. With a passion for interior design and my organizational skills I can help you tame any space and turn it into that perfect place you have been dreaming about!  Organized by Danielle Weil, #781-710-4885, email: szpunt (at)


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