Simplicity Parenting Lecture Nov 6th

Simplicity Parenting Lecture Nov 6th via Parent Talk Inc
With so many choices for activities, events, and devices for children, we parents can be faced with a lot of pressure to do or buy more, more, more.  Not unsurprisingly, our kids may also feel the effects of this pressure and of being bombarded with so much activity and distraction.  We all have times when we yearn for a quieter approach to living, so we can avoid the stress of a hyper-speed schedule and the conflicts that we have with our over-stimulated kids.
Join us on Wednesday, November 6th at the Newman Elementary School Auditorium to listen to Kim John Payne talk about how we can simplify our homes and our kids’ schedules, introduce more predictable rhythms to their lives and filter out stuff they might not be able to cope with. The results are calmer and happier kids who do better socially and emotionally, are more focused at school, find it easier to comply with family rules – and even become less picky eaters!  To register, please go here:


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