Limited Time Discount for PT Members With Puddlestompers!

Don’t miss this wonderful deal with Puddlestompers for Fall 2013! 

10% off for Parent Talk members for the following:
PUDDLESTOMPERS Nature Exploration Fall 2013 Needham Classes
(Ages 2-3 with adult, Ages 3-5 with adult)
Min. 4 children/Max. 9 children
Come explore the wonders of Mother Nature this fall with your young naturalist!  Catch falling leaves and learn why they are red, orange and yellow!  Call out to birds getting ready for their southerly migration!  Search for insects hiding on the forest floor!  Collect acorns for a squirrel feast!  Explore the various amazing open spaces Needham has to offer.  Weekly classes include hands-on nature exploration, active movement and play, snack and a story. Younger siblings, up to age 10 months and in a backpack, are welcome. Exceptions to age groupings may be granted by PUDDLESTOMPERS to allow siblings to take class together.  
Cost: $180 for 9 week session
Location: Various Needham parks
Thursdays  9:30-10:25 2-3 year olds 10/3-11/21
Thursdays  10:30-11:25 3-5 year olds10/3-11/21

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