The Start of a New Parent Talk Year

June marks the end of the school year and the beginning of summer fun!  It also marks the end of the Parent Talk year: the time of year when the official changing of the Parent Talk guard comes and new wonderful volunteers take over and begin planning the many events and activities that will keep our families busy for months to come. This June, we’ll be passing the torch and saying good-bye to our role as Co-Presidents. 
Before we say a final adieu, we want to take a moment to introduce the new Parent Talk Co-Presidents and to thank the many wonderful volunteers that have contributed their talents and time this year. 
First, we want to give a big thank you to our outgoing Board Members: Mary Beth Remorenko, Betsy Miller, Ann Lyons, and Myrna Zakarian.  For the past few years their time and endless energy has gone towards making Parent Talk the wonderful organization it is today. 
While we are always sad to see our outgoing board members leave us, we are excited to see many returning board members and to welcome new faces and start a new year. With great excitement we welcome Wendy Todd and Tricia Burch as the new Co-Presidents! They are both experienced Board Members and we are thrilled that they will be sharing their talents as leaders of Parent Talk next year. Wendy and Tricia will be working with a dynamic Board of Directors both new and old. Joining Katie Alwart, Melissa Crowe, Nicola Dempsey, Nar Dong and Julia Sappenfield are Lauren Baum,Kristen Capodilupo, Deborah Dorman, Riley Hastings, Susan Koslow, Caitlin Moran and Maggie Shapiro. 
During our tenure as Co-Presidents, we had an wonderful time and met amazing people that will be in our lives for years and years to come.  Thank you to everyone for your support and friendship over the past two years.  We feel very lucky to be part of a community as wonderful as Parent Talk. 
All our best, 
Kate & Mary

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