Get Your Kids Dirty! In the Garden of Course.

Written by Cheri Pugatch
It is so exciting that Spring is finally here!!   If you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids- it’s always fun to get them involved in gardening!!  My 3 ½ year old has been looking forward to starting our vegetable and flower gardens over the last few weeks.  She has been talking about how she remembers planting, watering, and getting vegetables from our garden last year.  This year her 1 ½ year old sister was just as excited to join in the fun.  The girls helped my husband plant the seeds in the seed trays which will later be planted in our gardens.  Both girls were able to help prep the dirt, sprinkle the seeds, cover the seeds back up, and water them.  The seeds are kept moist and they sit by a window which lets in a bunch of sunlight.  Once the seeds sprout the lid of the seed tray needs to be taken off.  In another couple weeks (once we are safe from any frosts) we will plant the mini plants that have grown from seeds outside in our gardens.
If you’re interested in getting your children involved in your family garden all you need to do is pop into your local garden store or a bigger store like Home Depot or Lowes to get your supplies to get started! 
1.     Seeds: We have always had good luck with the following packets of seeds: cucumber, zucchini, basil, and jalapeno peppers.
2.     Seed Trays or Pots:  We have used empty trays in the past and added soil that we have bought.  We have also planted seeds in pots.  This year we bought the seed tray that you just add a little water to the soil pellet and this was really fun for the kids to see the soil rise up and much less messy than in the past.  All the options above have proven successful
If you decide to start a family vegetable and/or flower garden I wish you lot of gardening fun with your little ones!  

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