Be a Good Neighbor at Our Local Parks

Written by Mary Celeste Brown

Hi, folks,

Parent Talk has received a request from Needham Parks and Recreation to get the word out about good neighbor policies at the town parks.  We didn’t get this message because Parent Talk members are a problem, but because our organization is recognized as a community leader.  SO, as spring is springing, let’s help spread the word of how to be good neighbors at our city parks.  Here’s a flyer that Needham Parks and Recreation has created as a reminder:


1.         Park only in designated areas. Do not block driveways or emergency access.
2.        Pick up trash before you leave. Recycle when possible.
3.        Respect the property of park neighbors.
4.       Do not arrive earlier than the permit states.
5.        Set up practices to avoid balls going into neighbors’ yards.
6.       Drop off children in safe areas – not on busy roads.
7.        Remember, sports are for fun…not for fights.

Parks that have recently had complaints about people parking in the wrong place include Perry Park and sometimes Mills Field.

Thanks Parent Talk members! See you around the parks!

~Mary Celeste 

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Mary Celeste Brown has raised three children in the Boston area, is the executive director of Parent Talk and can be reached at

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