Successful Go Greene St. Paddy’s Day Fundraiser!

THANK YOU to everyone who put on their party clothes and made their way over to the Go Greene St. Paddy’s Day Fundraiser for Greene’s Field! We were very excited to be involved in such a wonderful community event and it was great to see so many Parent Talk members and faces dancing, bidding and having a wonderful night out! 
The event was a huge success for the Greene’s Field team and ultimately for all local families! Not only did the event raise a great amount of money (over $20,000!!) for Greene’s but everyone seemed to have a wonderful time dancing to old and new school songs, toasting friends with green beer and angling to win the most desired auction items.
If you haven’t had the chance yet and wish to, you can make a donation before April 1st to the Greene’s Field project at
With the weather turning slowly to spring we look forward to seeing everyone out and about around town…and eventually at the new and improved Greene’s Field!
All the best, 
Mary & Kate


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