Valentine’s Day Heart Craft

Valentines Day is just a few days away, and with all that snow outside, it’s the perfect time for crafting up some love! My children had fun making these heart shaped bags to hold some special cards or candies.  They also looked great hanging on the wall as a decoration and one of my daughters liked wearing her’s as a purse.

You will need festive colored paper, ribbon, scissors and a hole-punch:

1) Begin by cutting two hearts out of some pretty patterned paper- the thicker the paper; the more sturdy the end result will be.
2) Making sure the detailed sides of the paper face outward; align the  hearts.
3) Punch holes along the sides and bottom of hearts.
4) Using thin string or ribbon, have your child lace up the heart, weaving in and out of the holes.
5) Tie the extra ribbon together in a pretty bow.
6) Enjoy filling and showing off your masterpiece!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have a favorite Valentine’s Day activity or craft? Please share it in the comments!

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Amanda Liljedahl lives in Needham with her husband and five children (two boys, a set of identical twin girls and their newest addition, another girl). She chronicles her days which include arts & crafts projects, great recipes for the family and driving her kids from hockey practice and ballet to what’s happening in her life as a mom, wife and friend on her blog The Little Lily Pad


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