Raising Children in a Changing, Complicated, and Sometimes Scary World

 The world did, indeed, become a scarier place after Newtown but maybe not for the reasons you have in mind. It’s not because we, as parents, can no longer think of our schools as safe havens.  It’s because our children can’t.   And that’s what should really worry – no, make that terrify – us as parents. Because when children don’t think they are safe, that alters the way they view the world and the way they behave in it. For children, Newtown was a personal invasion.
Please join us for our next lecture on Wednesday, March 6th and listen to Barbara Meltz, as she gives us the tools to help our children understand the world around them in a language that is appropriate and effective. To register please go here: http://parenttalk-raising-children.eventbrite.com
photo credit: Squid! via photopin cc

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