Local area skiing options for kids

Written by Sara Nechasek

Have you been thinking with all this snow lately that it might be fun to bring your kids skiing?   

We are fortunate to have a handful of ski hills close by in Massachusetts.  The local mountains are the perfect place to ski with younger children.  They offer lessons, rentals and easy access from Needham.  We also have a great cross country ski location just minutes away.  You and your family don’t have to trek to NH, ME or VT to have a fun ski day.

·      Blue Hills, Canton MA (about 15 minute drive from Needham) 
·      Bradford, Bradford MA
·      Nashoba, Westford MA
·       Wachusett, Princeton MA  The farthest drive away, Wachusett is also the largest ski area on this list.
·      Weston Ski Track (Cross Country), Weston, MA  Only minutes from Needham, the Weston Ski Track offers a great beginner cross country experience including lessons and rentals.   

This year we signed my four year old son up for weekly group lessons at Blue Hills, which I chose because it is so close to home.  Most places offer lessons to children age four and older (although Bradford starts at age three).  They offer one-time daily lessons or weekly lessons.  My son loves the lessons and I have found the instructors to be patient and upbeat.  Blue Hills, like the other downhill ski locations, rents skis, boot and helmets.  They offer rental and lesson packages too. Make sure you rent a helmet if you don’t own one.  New skiers fall down often plus the helmet helps keep your little one warm!  All you need to do is dress your child in warm clothes including snow pants, a snow jacket and water-proof mittens and you can rent the rest of the equipment.If you are more interested in cross country skiing, the Weston Ski Track is a few short minutes away from Needham and offers lessons and rentals too.  The Weston Ski Track also offers a child carrier to rent (much like a behind the bike carrier) where your child can sit while you pull them skiing.Skiing can be a fun outdoor activity for your kids during these long New England winters.  I love how tired and happy my son seems after a few hours of skiing!

I’d love to hear if there are other places you ski in MA.  Please tell me in the comments.

About the Author
Sara Nechasek lives in Needham with her husband and four year old son. She works part-time at a non-profit health care company and dreams of the day she can bring her son to ski big powder out west.

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