International Babywearing Week Boston 2012

Written by Emily Roach

When I had my daughter over three years ago, baby wearing was just starting to be a trendy thing. Now a baby carrier is one of the must have’s on every baby registry list.  Did you know this is International Babywearing Week?  October 8-14th is a time to celebrate babywearing and all the wonderful benefits it brings.

Boston Babywearers is a local non profit group who works to teach parents how to use baby carriers.  I learned from them that there are over 60 different carrier options. Even cooler is they have a library of all of these carrier options so you really can get the opportunity to find the perfect fit for you and and your infant, and then for toddler sized children.

Our Baby Bjorn has been well loved

Nearly everyone I knew had a Baby Bjorn so I started with one too.  We loved ours, and I say we because my husband was also a proud babywearer.  When I asked on Facebook, I got many responses on which type of baby carrier people used.

Ring sling for the first one, with some occasional Bjorn and later Ergo. Moby wrap and Ergo for the second. -Julia M.  
We got the most use out of our Hotsling, but also used bjorn, Moby and backpack. -Cerissa L. 
Ergo! So sad my kids don’t fit in it anymore- they loved it as much as me! -Kate O. 
Baby Bjorn – loved the “clicks” and straps. I tried a sling, but I needed the structure of the Bjorn. -Ceci F.
Ergo and bjorn -Katie S.
Moby wrap, ring sling, Ergo, Bjorn -Lane R. 

This week in celebration of International Babywearing Week, Boston Babywearers is hosting events throughout the week.  Find the schedule here. There is also a big Bash on October 13th from 1-3pm at Old South Church in Copley Square, downtown Boston.  There will be a variety of carriers to try, a local chiropractor on hand to discuss hip development and displays from Diaper Lab, Mama Ballroom, Tiny Signs and Happy Family.  There will be over $3000 worth of raffle prizes too! Tickets are only $5 and help benefit the Boston Babywearers.

If you used a baby carrier, what did you use?

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