Coming Down From Sugar-high Craft

Written by Amanda Liljedahl

Wondering what to do with all of those candy wrappers left over from trick-or-treating? Rather than adding all those individual wrappers to the trash, turn them into art! Open candy carefully as to not rip (easier said then done amidst the excitement), then have children glue onto white paper. Arrange in patterns, by color or flavor and viola- new placemats!  Laminate both sides so they wipe clean easily. These are certain to provide incentive for the littles to clean their plate! 

Happy Halloween!

About the Author
Amanda Liljedahl lives in Needham with her husband and five children (two boys, a set of identical twin girls and their newest addition, another girl). She chronicles her days which include arts & crafts projects, great recipes for the family and driving her kids from hockey practice and ballet to what’s happening in her life as a mom, wife and friend on her blog The Little Lily Pad

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