Jumpstart’s Read for the Record

Last fall, I left the retail industry after more than ten years to pursue a leadership opportunity at Jumpstart, a national non-profit organization focused on early childhood education. Having two preschool-aged children of my own and a passion for mission-driven work, I was humbled by the opportunity to join an organization that makes a profound difference in the lives of young children by helping them to develop the skills they need to enter kindergarten ready to succeed.
With the growing economic challenges in our country, there is increased disparity between the early education opportunities that children from underprivileged communities receive, as compared to those from more prosperous neighborhoods. In Needham and its surrounding communities, we are fortunate to have a first-rate public school system and a multitude of local enrichment opportunities for our children. But how can you help others who are not as fortunate?

One way is by participating in Jumpstart’s Read for the Record, a national campaign that brings millions of people together to celebrate literacy and participate in a shared reading experience. On October 4, 2012, individuals from across the country will read Ladybug Girl & the Bug Squad by David Soman and Jacky Davis in support of Jumpstart’s mission: to work toward the day every child in America enters school prepared to succeed. Joining the campaign is really easy and a lot of fun:
Pledge to read on October 4th: http://www.jstart.org/pledge. Go one step further and incorporate this into a playdate!

A girl named Lulu, otherwise known as Ladybug Girl, gathers her friends Bumblebee Boy, Dragonfly Girl, and Butterfly Girl for some imaginary fun. Lulu and her friends learn about friendship, feelings, and courage.

By participating, you’ll make a difference in the world to children in our country who need it most. Let’s be sure all children, regardless of the zip code they were born into, have the chance to realize their full potential!

About the Author
Joy Errico Seusing lives in Needham with her husband and two young children. She is the Vice President for External Relations at Jumpstart, a national early education organization headquartered in Boston. In addition to being a happily busy working mom, Joy loves traveling to new places, reading on her Kindle, interior design, power yoga, and of course, cooking!  Joy is a monthly contributor for the Parent Talk blog so be sure to check back for new recipe ideas each month.


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