DIY Seashell Mobile

As summer winds down, now is a great time to create a project with your children to incorporate all of your treasures found at the beach, by the lake or in your own backyard over the summer months. We made this wind-chime with a collection of beach treasures to bring us back to the sounds of summer all year long.

  1. My children scavenged the beach looking for pieces of driftwood and a large array of seashells with small holes.
  2. When we got home, we washed the shells in a bucket filled with bleach and warm water then let them dry in the sun. 
  3. When the shells were dry and no longer smelled of low-tide, using fishing line we tied two pieces of drift wood together to form an X shape. 
  4. We tied string to the four points and then began threading the string through the holes in the seashells, tying several shells onto each string. 
  5. Finally, we attached a thicker string to the top of our wind chime so that it could hang outside.

This wind-chime can also be created using treasures from the woods or your backyard. Good things to include might be acorns, pine cones, or small stones. Hope these wind chimes bring you back to the beach when the cool weather arrives!


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