What do I do with all this artwork!?!

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Alexandra Etscovitz

Are you overwhelmed with too many papers, paintings, collages and more? It is a lot to deal with when you want a clean and organized house. As an art teacher, I hope that students keep every last piece that we worked so hard on, but as a mother and an admitted neat freak, I understand that creating a balance can be a dilemma to manage both.

As the proud parent you are, I’m sure you want to acknowledge and honor your child’s talents. Of course, choosing a piece to frame for the wall is the best way to do that. There is something so magical and confidence boosting about seeing your own artwork framed! But for those who do not wish for their house to turn into the MFA, here is a list of some other ways to celebrate your child’s creativity in a special way….

Create a binder.  Have your child choose a drawing a week (or month) and put it into a clear binder protector and file it away!
Give it away! Take a photo and then give it as a gift to a grandparent. Or, use the extra drawings as wrapping paper.

Host a “one man or one woman” show. Have friends and family over, serve some tea and cookies, and hang artwork on the walls. Guests can ask the artist (your child!) about how they made their work and which parts are his or her favorite and why.
Create a book. This idea is so much fun! Take digital photographs of your child’s artwork and then make a book (or another product) on Snapfish, Shutterfly, Kodak, CaféPress or your favorite website.  You could have a book for each year of their work and put it on the coffee table or give it as a gift.
Create a calendar, a placemat, a mug, a magnet, a puzzle, a quilt, or notecards! Again, a website company will make this very easy.
Create a stuffed “animal.”  Such fun….this company will  make a personalized doll or stuffed “animal” of the artwork your child made! There are many artists to explore, here are some good websites: www.myowncuddly.com or www.childsown.com
Create a piece of jewelry! What a stylish way to show your child’s talents off! Send your child’s artwork to this website and they will help you design a piece of jewelry inspired by your child! www.formiadesign.com/your-childs-drawing-on-jewelry/

About the Author
Alexandra Etscovitz lives in Needham with her husband and her daughter and teaches elementary art in the Newton Public Schools.  In addition to art, she is passionate about healthy cooking and eating, friends, family, and travel!


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    Thanks for the suggestions Alexandra! I have two budding artists and LOTS of artwork! I am constantly looking for a solution to the dilemma. We are decorating our entire basement with our kids artwork. I have also been taking photos of my favorites and putting them on a digital frame – my kids love to see that as well.

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