Fourth of July Craft and Fun!

Fourth of July is the time to show your American pride and display that red, white and blue.  A high flying patriotic wind sock is just the thing to let those colors soar!

 My children (ages 2-11) and I created these using colored paper, a glue stick, crepe paper, scissors and ribbon.  We cut strips of red paper and glued them horizontally onto a large sheet of white construction paper, then affixed a thick blue rectangle to the top.  The kids traced and cut out stars then glued those onto the blue paper.  We then rolled the flag into a cylinder and glued the edges together.  Using a hole punch, the children threaded a blue ribbon to hang the wind socket from a post outside.  For a finishing touch we cut eight strips of crepe paper and glued them to the inside to catch the wind.  Proudly display your patriotic wind sock outside whether your house is on the 4th of July parade route or you just want to celebrate the official start of summer and our Nation’s Independence Day!


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