Parent Talk – We’re on Pinterest!

Written by Mary Richman & Emily Roach

Do you keep hearing friends talk about “pins” and “pinning” things and have no idea what they’re talking about?  Well, here’s the scoop. All these “pin…” mentions all point in one direction – to Pinterest, the newest social media craze.
Pinterest is essentially a digital corkboard that serves as a central collection for everything you see and like on the Internet. When you come across something fun, you can “pin it” to your account and create a collection of your favorite things. It is in essence a way to visually bookmark things on the web.
And of course, there’s also a social aspect to Pinterest. How could it be THE new online craze without it? You can follow your friends and also search your favorite topics to see what others are pinning.  Then when you see what you like, you can  “re-pin” it to your collection. 

We’ve been checking out this new phenomenon and have seen many of our members start collecting “pins.”  We think it is a great way for everyone to share their favorite new finds – handy home gadgets, activity for the kids, delicious recipes and great books.  So we’ve joined in the fun and set up a Parent Talk Pinterest account. We’ve set up collections or “boards” that we hope you’ll enjoy and also find helpful. If you’re on Pinterests, you can follow us here. If you’re new to the Pinterest scene and want to check out what it is all about, let us know and we’ll send you an invite so you can register and see why everyone’s head is “pinning!”
If you are not new to Pinterest and looking for more information, check out this Ultimate List of Pinterest Tips for a few that we are sure will surprise and delight you.
Here is the fun part…leave us a link to your Pinterest account so we can follow you back!  If you find a “pin” worthy idea, let us know on this blog post via comments or on Facebook.
Happy Pinning!
Mary and Emily are both avid “pinners.”  You can frequently find both of them repinning each others recipes and craft ideas at 10 o’clock at night. Find them here and here.

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