After the Final Tag: A Reflection of the 2012 Spring Sale

Written by Nikki Amara Myers
Various areas of the sale.

Three days.  Three incredible days.  Last weekend was pulled together by an absolutely amazing group of volunteers who spent a heck-of-a-lot of time setting-up and moving tables, and organizing clothes, and toys, and shoes, and baby equipment, and books, and bedding, and DVD/CD’s, and greeting volunteers, consignors, and shoppers, and tagging, and pricing, and hanging (and the detangling of wire hangers), and folding, and unfolding, and refolding, and finding little tiny pieces of toys and games that go together, and hauling trash (and there’s a lot of it) to the dumpsters.  The list of things that were successfully done is endless.

Clothes and puzzles.

An enormous amount of work goes into preparing, to organizing, to leading and to implementing the Parent Talk Sale.  This is the 6th sale I’ve attended; however, it was the 1st sale I’ve been at from start to finish.  What I witnessed was magic.  I saw the space empty and watched its glory unfold.  I have a new appreciation for how hard the Co-Chairs, the Sale Committee, and all the volunteers have to work to make the sale a success.  It takes many incredibly dedicated people to execute the sale in the manner it has been done for years and years.  This IS a well-oiledmachine, and it’s impressive how everyone knows exactly what to do, when, and where.  Volunteers come in.  Things get done.  It’s truly amazing.  A big, humongous, gigantic heartfelt thank you to Seema Meloni and Beth McCarthy, the Sale Co-Chairs, for their leadership, all their hard work and dedication, and their exceptional way of making everyone involved in or attending the sale feel so loved, so appreciated, and so taken care of.  Thank you, ladies!

As the hours passed, the space was transformed into what I always remembered.  The tables were in the correct spots.  The signs were starting to be hung.  The boxes were specifically located as they have always been in the past.  The once blank canvas is now transitioning into the beloved sale, which we all know and love.
Early shoppers waiting in a very long line.

Observing the happenings of Thursday, Friday and Saturday was fascinating.  Most everyone knew what to do.  People were willing to help each other, to train, to teach.  New volunteers were welcomed and given tasks.  People were genuinely asking: what can we do?  There were hugs.  There were cheers.  There was a collective love for the sale that was worn on everyone’s sleeves.  Being one that loves the sale, I enjoy being a part of and sharing these experiences.  The sale seems to tap into a part of all of us that wants to be appreciated, to be needed, to be part of a team, to know you’ve made a difference.  Volunteering at the sale, or some other Parent Talk event, allows you to connect with so many different people that perhaps you may not have met otherwise.  It grants you a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something big, of something meaningful, of something that benefits our community.  If you haven’t volunteered before think about trying one of the many volunteer opportunities Parent Talk has to offer throughout the year. 

This year’s sale brought in a lot of wonderful donations (thank you!) and incredibly nice items to be consigned (thank you!).  So many people volunteered and went above-and-beyond what was expected.  Kindness and generosity were every-present.  A special thank you to those shopping the sale that also provided many random-acts-of-kindnesses as you just jumped in to help with whatever was needed.  Thank you for hauling trash to the dumpster, or for bringing large trash bags of various items to Goodwill or to your homes for storage, or to those folks who helped other shoppers carry large/heavy items to their cars.  It is these acts of kindness that also need to be recognized and acknowledged.  We see you being nice, being kind, and being wonderful human beings.  Thank you-thank you.  What a wonderful way for all of us to celebrate that kindness lives and breathes all around us. 
Donations and Quality Control Center.

The Spring Sale yielded so many incredible treasures.  I hope you found what you were looking for or purchased lots and lots of stuff (because you couldn’t resist).  You contributed in so many ways to the success of the sale and this incredible fundraiser.  Thank you for your generosity.  Thank you for volunteering.  Thank you for shopping the sale, and for bringing your friends and family, and for waiting in such a long line (it was an impressive line this year).  The sale wouldn’t happen without you.  Please mark your calendars as the fall sale is scheduled for Saturday, October 20th, 2012 (same time, same place).  

All the toys and games.


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    Thank you for the kind words and a big fat thank you to you too!!! You captured everything about the sale so beautifully and for that I am also grateful. We are so excited to pass this baton on to you and wish you lots of luck moving forward!!!

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