The Sale: De-cluttering Your Home, Filling Your Heart

Written by Nikki Amara Myers

Twice a year, Parent Talk hosts one of its biggest fundraisers, the Used Clothing,Toy and Equipment Sale.  I’ve been going since my daughter was 7 months old.  Now my daughter is 3.5 and I also have a 14 month old son.  I didn’t know what to expect when I attended my first Sale.  I heard about the Sale through many enthusiastic voices and participants from several of my ISIS Maternity classes.  Therefore, I gave it a try.  I loved it.  I immediately decided to volunteer.  I haven’t been disappointed, not once.  In fact, being part of the volunteer team has only reinforced my love for the group, for the camaraderie, for the amazing bargains, for the Sale in general.  Three years later, and 5 sales under my belt, I can say with certainty, this Saleis not to be missed.
So, it’s April, a month before the Sale.  What does this mean for me, what does it mean for you?  For me, it means working with Seller Kits, going to tagging parties, cleaning out and organizing my children’s closets, connecting with old and new friends, and welcoming new volunteers.  I love the energy and excitement that surrounds the Saleand this includes the pre-Sale, the actual Sale, and the post-Sale debrief.  I enjoy finding and connecting with other like-minded, bargain hunters, and amazing volunteers.  The whole thing, from start to finish, is incredibly fun. 

The storage Pod for donations~ check out the double strollers!
The Sale also signifies a time to clean-out, to purge, to organize, to empty boxes, to pass along what is no longer needed.  I like reminiscing, and the Saleprovides ample opportunity to do so.  I distinctly remember tagging some of my daughter’s and son’s first outfits (size NB to 3 months).  Every little bloomer, little bathing suit, little dress or pajamas, tiny shoe or sock had a story; it meant something to me, to our family.  I could almost see my beautiful babies in the item being tagged.  If you can imagine, it took me hours and hours and hours to tag my items because I wanted to joyfully think about those moments, and process that I could let go of these little memories.  I know, this sounds insane but that’s how I felt in those moments.  I needed to remind myself that I had a choice.  I could keep the items in a sealed box in the attic or I could pass them along to some other child and family to enjoy.  During my tagging, I often wondered, did I have a photograph of my baby in that specific outfit?  Who gave it to her or him?  Fond and vivid memories flooded my mind as I eagerly tagged each precious outfit, item, book, and toy.  I knew these beautiful little treasures may come in handy for some other family welcoming their baby into their life.  I hoped whoever purchased that dainty little dress, shoes, sweater or outfit, or whatever it was, would love it as much as I did.  I guess I’ll never know for sure but I’ll keep the fantasy in my head and in my heart that the item, that meant so much to me in the past, was put to good use and hopefully passed along again, somehow, somewhere. 
For you, it’s simple.  It is time to think about your own readiness to part with items around your home.  Are you ready to donate, or to consign, or just to shop the Sale?  If so, don’t hesitate; get in touch with someone on the Sale Committee.  Inquire.  If you’ve consigned, donated, or attended the Salepreviously, then you know what to do.  As always, the Salebeckons you.  Come. 
Tell all your friends and family.  Come as a group.  Come alone.  Shop with a list or just browse.  Whatever you do, remember to tell all your friends and mark your calendars for Saturday, May 5th, 2012.  Come early.  Stay late.  Have fun.  Pay it forward.  All items not purchased by the end of the Sale go to amazing charitable organizations.  Everyone gets something (by shopping, by consigning, by donating, by volunteering). 
Use this time to get prepared (renew your seller number, secure a volunteer shift, start tagging your items, drop off your donations).  Your time, your effort, your help will be recognized.  You won’t regret coming or participating.  See you on Saturday, May 5th

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Quality Children’s Items (0-8) at Bargain Prices
In 1993, Parent Talk held its first Used Clothing, Toy & Equipment Sale. This now twice-yearly event is attended by hundreds of shoppers, and all un-sold items are donated to local charitable organizations that rely on these goods to serve families in need. For inspiration, read one charity’s response to the sale.

NEXT SALE DATE: Saturday, May 5, 2012
All members of the community (Parent Talk members and non-members) may participate.
General Sale: 8:30am – 11:45am
Clearance Bag Sale: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: Christ Episcopal Church
1132 Highland Ave.(Across from the NeedhamPublic Library)
About the Author
Nikki lives locally with her husband and two children. She is a self-proclaimed foodie, photographer, and new blogger.  Now a SAHM, she was a school counselor and cast member of Joey & Maria’s Comedy Wedding for many years.  Nikki currently consults as a private, independent college counselor. Follow her @DaysWithUs.

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