The NOT-SO-LIVE Pod Cast: A View From Inside the Parent Talk Donations Pod

Written by Nikki Amara Myers

The pod is filling.
Elmo and Bumbo inside. 
For sale on May 5th. 

The pod is filling quickly with treasures of all kinds .  It would be hard to describe each and every donated item but let me tease you with a few items recently delivered to the pod.
We have a yellow Rody:  this is a great item.  I’ve had one for my children since before they could sit up.  ISIS  introduced the Rody to me.  It has been a favorite item in our home for a while now.  My children gently bounced on Rody as infants with parental  assistance, and as they’ve grown they play with it differently.  They bounce and jump on it.  They ride on it.  They pretend to feed and care for it.  They bring it to the veterinarian for boo-boos, they put removable stickers on it for being a good-Rody. They hug it and have fun.  It makes them giggle and happy.  I’m glad we have a Rody and you will be too if you purchase it  at the Sale.
Other great finds include a small children’s outdoor or indoor slide, a Big Bird stuffed animal, a purple Bumbo seat, and an adorable Elmo stuffed animal. 
As always recommended and encouraged: come, shop, volunteer, donate, consign. 

Learn how by visiting our Parent Talk Sale page!

About the Author
Nikki lives in Needham with her husband, Rick, and their two young children.  Now a SAHM, she was a high school guidance counselor and cast member of Joey & Maria’s Comedy Wedding.  Nikki occasionally works as a private, independent college consultant as she loves working with adolescents and their families as they navigate a sometimes challenging developmental stage.  Self-proclaimed foodie, photographer, and now new blogger and tweeter, Nikki enjoys capturing her world one-click, one-post, and one-tweet at a time.  Follow her @Visual_Guidance


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    Jodi Rooney says:

    My kids are 4 and 6 and still love Rody! And what is really nice is that Rody is still intact! Poor thing has been through such abuse and he keeps on bouncing.

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