SALE UPDATE: Inside the Pod and Volunteers Needed

Written by the Sale Committee
Is your baby girl a fashionista-in-training?  If so, she may need these adorable Kenneth Cole onesies.  We have four onesies packaged together; one pink, one white and pink, one gray, and one striped.  They will compliment any outfit (cute pants, ruffled skirt, frilly shorts). 
“Kenneth Cole” you say?  He makes shoes or something like that?  You’re right, he does. 
Curiosity builds. 
Why is he famous?  Glad you asked. 
“After establishing the Kenneth Cole name as a prime designer of women’s shoes, Cole branched out into women’s wear, menswear, accessories, and even jewelry. With his clothing described as ‘Prada for the people,’ he brought simple yet chic styles like black wool three-button suits, slick loafers and subtle ties to the workingman. Cole is also known for his socially conscious brand of marketing, as he often pairs clothing ads with charitable messages dealing with causes like AIDS and homelessness” [excerpt taken from and, links to article above].
Another great donation is a boxed set of 6 brand-new, with-the-tags-on, fashion socks for a 3-6 month old girl.  These are great socks because they resemble little Mary Jane shoes.  So cute, functional, and a great deal. 
Both items will sell quickly. 
Remember, the Sale is Saturday, May 5, 2012.  Mark your calendars.  Secure babysitting if needed. Volunteer (yes, we STILL need volunteers).  Tell all your friends.  Encourage others to come.  

HELP: when help is needed
Are you ready to help?  Think about your response.  Get ready.  Yes, you are, now take action.  The Parent Talk Used Clothing, Toy and Equipment Sale, which is rapidly approaching, needs an additional 15-20 volunteers for the 1-3 pm and 1:30-3:30 pm shifts.  It’s understandable that these specific volunteer shifts are not the most popular because the Saleis basically over.  Most of the bargains have been found and purchased.  All the set-up is done.  All the coffee and chocolate has worn off, and the excitement is now shadowed by exhaustion. 
It’s time to clean up.  To bring accumulated trash to the dumpster.  To help the charities gather all wanted items (and there are a lot of them).  The floors need to be swept.  The tables put away.  Trucks need to be loaded and driven to Dover.  Volunteers often just do whatever needs to be done so everyone can go home.  There is an incredible amount of work to be done during these shifts.  To state the obvious, these tasks can take a long time with few hands; however, the work could be done exponentially faster if we had an abundance of help. 
If you enjoy the Sale and love all the bargains you find for your children, then please consider volunteering for an extra shift during either the 1-3 pm or the 1:30-3:30 pm shifts.  You, your partner, and your friends are all welcome: come together.  Help IS needed; therefore, please help.  Your kindness will be noticed and recognized. 
To volunteer for one of these shifts (even if you are already scheduled for another shift), please click here.  


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    AND YOU GET TO SHOP THE GREAT DEALS EARLY IF YOU VOLUNTEER!! Do it! You will have fun and feel good about yourself for helping out.

    So well said, Nikki!

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